The purpose of this study is to find out level of job maintenance and factors affecting the intellectually disabled’s job maintenance. Its research questions are as follow; What is the intellectually disabled’s job maintenance level? What are factors that vocational rehabilitation professionals are aware affect the intellectually disabled’s job maintenance? For this study, during the period from September to October 2014 a questionnaire was collected 252 copies and data were analysed using SPSS 21.0 Statistical Program, This results are summarized as follow; Average of job maintenance level about the intellectually disabled’was 3.9. Among sub categories, Characteristic of work behavior was 4.25, Cooperation with colleague was 3.99. Factors affecting job maintenance were highest family factor. and followed by the ability for daily activities, ability for safety, mobile ability, linguistic ability. Based on this, the following suggestions are made to help the intellectually disabled with their job maintenance; Helping the intellectually disabled we must be focused on improving their skills needed to adapt to the society where they live. We need supportive measures not only improving the disabled’s ability but also helping their family learn how to help the disabled and helping vocational rehabilitation counselors learn how to play their role in systematic, professional manner.


vocational rehabilitation professional, perception, the intellectually disabled, job maintenance


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