Purpose – Social commerce is a certain way of how people buy some products together with others through the internet sites with mutual interactions among customers with the benefits of SNS when buying some products. At present, China market has some problems due to its rapid growing. However, empirical research or academic approach to social commerce has not been made enough. So, it is important for Chinese social market to develop and enlarge the customers with stability under the reliability and satisfaction. Also it is important for them to have repurchase intention. Nowadays, it is necessary to find the factors on customer satisfaction and trust, whereas consumers' dissatisfaction and unreliability are increasing on social commerce recently. In addition, researches on social commerce have been actively pursued by a variety of domestic and foreign scholars. However, researches on social commerce and Chinese market are short of, and they have some limitations because of the rapid growth of the market even though it is the early stage. The current situation requires researches on consumers' repurchase intention for continuing growth in the future according to the growth of Chinese social commerce. Research design, data, and methodology – The literature and the empirical studies are combined in order to achieve the purpose of the study. Deriving social commerce features and consumer properties as factors affecting the repurchase intention through the literature, and these factors have modeled a series of assumptions about the impact on satisfaction and trust, and is conducted to test the hypothesis and questionnaires are derived based on the variables discussed in the previous study. Appropriate measures were developed and tested on 227 respondents in China with a cross-sectional questionnaire survey. The path relationships of the research model were analyzed by SPSS 23.0 and Amos 23.0. Results – Research results about social commerce characteristics and factors affecting the repurchase intention are presented to Chinese market companies that adopt business models and consumer characteristics. In addition, this study focuses on the characteristics of social commerce, from two-dimensional characteristics of the consumer satisfaction, trust and the impact on the repurchase. Therefore, social commerce features and consumer properties based on the results of this study may lead the strategic implications that may increase the repurchase intention. Conclusions – The classification reviewing the previous findings related to social commerce and social commerce features affects social commerce repurchase (price discount, interactivity) and consumer characteristics (impulsivity, innovation, collectivism). It affects repurchase on factors and analyzes empirically. The empirical results identify major characteristics (social commerce characteristics, attributes) that affect the repurchase intention, and give the practical implications as well as the business strategies that are able to enhance social commerce repurchase consumers. Social commerce is a certain way of how people buy some products together with others through the internet sites with mutual interactions among customers with the benefits of SNS when buying some products.


Social Commerce, Social Commerce Traits, Consumer Traits, Repurchase Intention, Customer Satisfaction.


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