Smartphone market saturation is causing fast growth of wearable device market. Due to this, many world leading companies are focusing on developing the wearable device and suitable content. To vitalizing the wearable device to public, we need a killer content which is suitable for the wearable device's characteristics like game and video streaming service for smartphone. We suggest that it will be the infotainment content based on user's information and communications technologies, and research the design methodology for infotainment content. To survive in this competitive environment, we have to understand the wearable technique. Moreover, we also have to understand it as the user-centered content platform. So this research analyze the wearable computing technique, service category and characteristics to analyze the present condition of wearable device. We also analyze the existing infotainment design and present wearable contents, and suggest the future methodology of wearable infotainment design's characteristics, elements and process for wearable devises. We suggest expanded multisensory simulation as input method, environmental context and accumulated data information as fun factor and more dynamic and physical realtime interactions and experiential interests in environments. We also suggest physical, structural and emotional elements to fulfill the attribute of wearable infotainment design. The user centered infotainmet content design process starts with user analysis, selection of content's aim, story and information design and visual, sound and interaction design.


Wearable Device, Wearable Infotainment, Content design


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