Digital textile printing is an efficient printing method that enables small quantity batch production of higher-value products to process the entire process to print the design on the computer to simplify and normalize the printing process. Since the 1990s, a system started to appear mainly in developed countries that can produce a production of design in a digital way which was impossible in the conventional method and the digital printing technology is actively used currently in various countries including South Korea, Italy, Israel, the United States, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Thailand and China. Currently, digital textile printing, which is most actively used in the country, is a digital transfer printing method to print on poly fabric. While the transfer dye ink has been used by mounting the initial eight colors (C.M.Y.K.LC.LM.LL.LP), by developing a transfer dye ink 6 colors (C.M.Y.K.LM.LC) transfer dye ink and 4 color (C.M.Y.K) transfer dye ink are utilized in most companies. In this situation, 6 colors transfer dye ink has higher implementation of color than 4 colors transfer dye ink but 4-color transfer dye ink is not suitably used as the difference of color implementation of 6 and 4 colors transfer dye ink is not revealed. This study is to evaluate the coloring effect of 6 and 4 colors transfer dye ink by selecting poly satin fabric underlying poly fabric using the L* a* b* values to ​​simultaneously analyze the difference between the color and color tone. As an analytical method, this paper matches the difference of the color of the pre-printing screen and one in the printed fabrics after implementing the calibration program using the monitor and it is to provide guidelines for using 4 colors transfer dye ink with high efficiency of cost in poly-satin fabric through the coloring difference of 6 and 4 colors transfer dye ink by the colorimetry of L* a* b* values with CCM machine of white board criteria printed on poly-satin fabric and analyzing the difference in the exact color implementation.


Digital Textile Printing, Calibration Spectrophotometer, Poly-Satin Fabric, Sublimate Transfer Ink


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