Purpose – This study investigated competitive counteractions necessary for continuous growth in a rapidly changing logistics environment in Northeast Asia. Research Design, Data, and Methodology – Using a time series analysis, the study first investigated Northeast Asian trade scale and volume by examining online and offline material from the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries, Busan Port Authority, and other government agencies. A literature survey was done to investigate the state and prospect of the logistics environment in Northeast Asia including changes in freight volume at major ports in the three Northeast Asian countries. Result – The results of the study suggest using the Trans-Korean Railroad (TKR), as well as promoting the North Pole and South Pole routes, to compete against changes in trade volume and the logistics environment in Northeast Asia. A SWOT analysis was done to examine the effectiveness of these strategies. Conclusions – The findings indicate that the TKR impact, using the Busan Port connecting the Trans-China Railway (TCR), the Trans-Siberian (TSR), and the North Pole Route, may be uncertain in practice considering the uncertainty in international politics.


North Pole Route, TSR, TCR, TKR, Trans Asia Railroad


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