Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to review, analyze, and learn from the most recent cases of plagiarism and to identify and promote ethical practices in research and publication. Research design, data, and methodology – This is a case study, an analytical approach, which focuses on analyzing the most recent cases of plagiarism to identify ethical issues and concerns in journal publication practices. Results - Despite the availability of many software and web-based applications and programs to detect plagiarism, there is no universal or perfect plagiarism detection application available to ease the editorial responsibility. Lack of understanding the concept and ignorance of plagiarism were the main reasons for the cases of plagiarism. Conclusions - Some of the plagiarism cases reveal a lack of knowledge in proper application of in-text citations and refer-ences, including quoting, requiting, paraphrasing, and citing sources, etc. Furthermore, the need for recognizing and considering the distorted and falsified primary and secondary research data as plagiarism is essential to enhance ethical practices in journal publication.


Publication Ethics, Plagiarism, KODISA Journals, JDS


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