Local hospitals Medical services are proceeding in hospital environment improvement and development of mobile-based health care systems. Public hospitals and provincial medical centers are trying to overcome the management deteriorated. Requires the public health services meet the higher expectations of health care services. Public medical service and public health care service is perform a dual role for public health project execution. To plan specialized service, biased on public health service, the 'Attribute' as a characteristic of public medical service was to be based on this platform for the characterization. This study is identify the current state of public health service derived phases and roles and problem. In order to identify service needs of Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center six affiliated hospitals. I progressed in-depth interviews and applied 'Affinity analysis' to extract the service needs of Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center. In previous studies, I introduce hospital services attributes, and made the basis for grouping the extracted keyword and produced new keyword in the interview. As a result, I developed 'Service Attributes' extracted by analyzing the 'Sequence and hierarchy', 'Openness and Protection', 'Integration and Separation', 'Healing and Recovery', 'Energy and Aesthetics', 'Forecasts and Integrity', 'Continuous and Segmented', 'Clarity and Minimal' is that. These Attributes are dual service of health care services for a service design for the public healthcare services that ensure interconnected spaces of public health institutions, and the foundation is healing environment offer, experience and integration of wayfinding. In conclusion, this study is based on research as the value proposition for public health service attribute enabled.


Public Medical Health Service, Affinity Diagram, Service Attribute


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