The majority of app icons currently existing designed to meet the aesthetic characteristics of youngers rather than the Silver-Generation. Which inhibits the use of the smart phone app by silver generation. Therefore, this paper based on the visual component of the app icon design to analyze the relevant smart phone app icon design case which silver generation is often used to, and then conducted a questionnaire to present a application icon design method especially for silver generation. To accomplish this purpose this paper have been researched with four steps which was related theory theorem, sample selection, affinity analysis and comprehensive analysis. Base on the definition, features of the silver generation and the visual configuration of the app icon design this paper have been only studied on the app which usually used by silver generation and elicit the preferences through the questionnaire which be specific to the visual design elements. In conclusion, the app icon design method has been exhibited through the background form, graphics effects, graphics types, graphical representation effect and the color scheme. And the category which silver generation is frequently used was also derived at the same time. In the hope that the methods, procedures, and the results in this paper could provide some theoretical support and direction for future app development for the silver generation, which been one solution to improve the satisfaction of the older people for smart phone app using.


Silver Generation, Application, App Icon Design


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