Recently, due to the increase in credit card usage, its possession and number of used credit cards has gradually increased. Credit card users have hard time finding the appropriate cards and benefits at the right time and through use of multiple cards, users are unaware of the accurate combined usage, which could lead to excessive consumption. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to propose a mobile application that solve problems through service design methodology. In order to pursuit/achieve the purpose of this research, we applied 4D method based on the double diamond design process model. In Discover and Define stage, it shows the biggest reason that people use several cards are to receive various benefits and additional services. Also, the value of benefits is more important to credit card holders rather than the inconvenience. Based on these results, the service concept that accord with users’ needs is the outcome in the Develop stage. This research suggests the mobile application that recommends personalized benefits or cards in any situations to people so consumers can enjoy their lives by using image recognition algorithm and beacon to attract attention to a specific location. Through this service, usability of the credit card will increase. For future research, this application should provide secure and safe electronic payment system that can prevent the leak of the private information even if there are meticulous internal access policies and procedures of using Big Data. This study is not only presenting efficiency of the existing process but also converging finance and IT industry to create a new value of innovative business model.


Credit Card Application, Personalized Benefit, Service Design


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