In Korea, industrial complexes have been developed indiscretely in the process of rapid industrialization and development, and they are rapidly deteriorating and becoming slum areas as a result of poor landscape management. Revitalizing desolate dark industrial complexes will result in boosting local economy and creating safe and pleasant space. Accordingly, this study analyzes the current condition of industrial complexes, particularly focusing on the basic landscape planning of Gyeonggi-do Province and Anseong City and suggests a differentiated environmental color design based on the analysis in order to improve a sense of community and to increase productivity. In suggesting an environmental color design for each industrial complex landscape element derived from this study. First, according to a comprehensive analysis of the current condition, BG colors are mainly distributed, so they do not look to be in harmony with the color of nature. The brightness and chroma of the colors are contrasted against the color of nature, harming the harmony of their surrounding scenery. Second, the basic direction of design is suggested based on Faber Birren's color system and the NCS Color Triangle, while the concept of the design is set to 'shoulder dancing' with the exciting dance image of Anseong Baudeogi Festival. Thus, the Industrial Complex 1, which is the oldest complex, has a damaged green space, so G60Y~ Y70R color system, including GY colors, is suggested for the walls, roof, gate, and outdoor advertisements of the buildings in oder to deliver a natural scenic image. For the Industrial Complex 2, which used to be a park, but offers poor accessibility to users, the Y30R~R10B color range is suggested by considering harmony with its nearby buildings. Whereas, for the Industrial Complex 3, the Y70R~R50B color range, which has a rhythmic feature, is suggested in order to make the complex look pleasant and revitalized when it is viewed from the roads. As the overall keynote color, the YR color is suggested to make the industrial complexes to look efficient and to be in harmony with nature.


Industrial Complex, Landscape, Environmental, Color Design, Anseong City


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