As the average span of human being’s life has expanded and environmental issues has arisen, people are exposed to varied physical and psychological risks. Consequently, personal assistive digital devices are getting evolved in diverse forms of wearable digital healthcare products including services. In this regard, this study aims to examine current wearable digital healthcare products and services in terms of aesthetic, functional and empirical aspects, and draw the critical points with the direction of their further development. Firstly, four products were selected from current healthcare product market, and compared and analyzed in aesthetic, functional and empirical aspects. Secondly, the survey targeting users and non-users was carried out to listen direct and indirect assessment of wearable digital healthcare products and services. As the result from those research, current products and services were found that they needed differentiated design and functions with reasonable prices to optimize varied types of users’ conditions and contexts, and also required immediate, accurate, reliable analysis with filtered information for better adoption and sustainable engagement by users. Their development considering diverse types of user experience opens up opportunities not only personal health maintenance and improvement but also the change of social behavior, public services and welfare systems.


Healthcare, Wearable Device, Diverse User Experience


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