The purpose of this study, which was a comparative analysis, was to suggest a new mobile payment process designed to invigorate the use of mobile payment by performing a comparative analysis on mobile payment process which were used in mobile devices (Smart phones, Tablet PCs, etc.) For this purpose, we examined the existing payment services using mobile devices and categorized them into hardware based payment services and software based ones to compare their characteristics and advantages over one another.In order to use the method of Journey Map as the means for the comparative analysis, we conducted a survey and in-depth interviews with the users of mobile payment services. Based on theses researches, we used the usage journeys made by the users in each type of mobile payment services to identify the points to make the use of them more convenient. The result of the research showed that more users used the software based payment services when they made payment with mobile devices. However, the long processes from the initiation to the end of the payment, and the concerns over the security in making payments via mobile devices, provided causes for anxiety among the users. Based on the results of our researches, the characteristics of the payment systems of each category, and the findings in the comparative analysis, we proposed a 4-step mobile payment system which minimized the concerns of the users and streamline unnecessary steps which were deemed irrelevant. We believe that the result of this study could be used as the material for communication to minimize the disagreement in the ideas held by the service providers and the users to proliferate the use of payment services using mobile devices.


Mobile Payment Types, Mobile Payment Processing, Mobile Payment Usability


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