Purpose – Theorists and researchers in the area of customer satisfaction generally agree that product satisfaction intervenes between expectancy disconfirmation and various post-purchase cognitive states including attitude and behavioral intention. Studies in a variety of settings have supported the effect of expectation and its disconfirmation on satisfaction, but only a small number of studies address the cognitive consequences of satisfaction decisions and none report data on choice processes such as brand selection. This study examines the influence of satisfaction and its determinants on behavioral intention and product preference in eight coffee shops across the country. Generally it was found in both overall and summed attribute analyses that satisfaction was a function of expectation and disconfirmation, that intention was a function of satisfaction, and that preference was influenced by satisfaction and disconfirmation, the latter having the greater effect. Research design, data, and methodology – The main objective of this study was to assess the dimensions of consumer selection and satisfaction in choosing a coffee shop. In order to achieve this objective, a study of coffee shops across the country was conducted. This study comprised in-depth questionnaires distributed to coffee shop customers. A survey was conducted from September 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011, involving franchise coffee shop, independently owned coffee shop, and roastery coffee shop customers. Results – Hypothesis 1-1, which states that coffee shop choice attributes differ based on the type of coffee shop, is accepted. It has a significance level of 0.05, according to choosing properties of coffee shop by convenience of transportation, varieties of beans, residence of the owner (manager), information, and relationships. Hypothesis 1-2, which states that satisfaction with the choice factor differs depending on the type of coffee shops, is accepted. The P-values for cleanliness and varieties of beans were 0.04 and 0.00, respectively, and have a significance level of 0.05, according to the satisfaction with the chosen coffee shop. Hypothesis 2-1, which states that the importance of the choice attributes in coffee shop selections differs based on the demographic characteristics of the customers, is accepted. According to the t-test result, convenience of parking and residence of the owner (manager) are significant. Hypothesis 2-2, which states that satisfaction with the choice factor will differ depending of the type of coffee shop, is accepted. According to the t-test result, convenience of parking and residence of the owner (manager) are significant. Conclusions – This study has shown that intention to revisit a certain shop is most likely correlated to satisfaction in all cases. In order to offer subsequent developments for coffee shops, this study also identifies relations between customer satisfaction and selection by finding significant factors. In order to maximize customers’ satisfaction, coffee shops should analyze and satisfy customers’ needs and wants in terms of coffee service. While the findings do not generalize beyond the mall sampling procedure used here, we have hopefully identified a close approximation of the process of satisfaction decisions used by consumers generally.


Choice factors, Customer Satisfaction.


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