Date of the consumer's sense of design as the increasing economic development and cosmetics to consumers while providing protection and whitening of the skin for essential consumer goods to satisfy the aesthetic desires of consumers has emerged to be. Consumers without regard to the consumption patterns of the past, their values ​​or way of thinking, and thus prefer a certain brand of cosmetics and shows tend to be determined by the purchase method. Particularly difficult to differentiate the features and price of today's consumption is to show how the brand of the product gives the consumer in accordance with their system of values ​​and desires affect leads to a product purchase. The midst of that appeal to consumers for the purchase of cosmetics significant package design. Upward equalization's decision to purchase cosmetic products to be dominated by container design is acceptable to Upward equalization in the design of the investment and the cost of cosmetic containers in Korea, particularly in the developed world entered as the vessel design through product brand preference has become a very important factor for consumers. Core affinity cosmetics container design, a wide range of products like these are formed in order to survive in the market, product differentiation becomes more important form of expression has become a very important factor. For companies that appeal to consumers it effectively has become a very important issue. In recent years, using a variety of materials and shapes, including the traditional container design to increase product purchases to consumers are making. Upward equalization Moreover, even cosmetic container design and a unique container design is needed in order to increase brand affinity. In this study, redefining the relationship between consumer preferences and the design of cosmetic containers of the most important cosmetics container design and analysis of the design of the container in accordance with changes in consumer preferences, and suggest future directions for upsell cosmetics container design to contribute to should.


Consumer Preference, Cosmetic Package Design, Future Direction


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