This study is to find the correlation of the taste and color according to changese in the concentration of the drinks. Yu-Jin Kim(2001) investigated the taste that is reminiscent of four chocolate color that you prefer from 21 different M&M chocolate colors and their color scheme images and Su-Jeung Kim etc(2011)’s research is aimed at looking into the color consequent to ‘5-classification of hot tastes of Gochujang’ by 5 steps in order for the colors to be used for Gochujang package. Several other studies(Geun-Ly Park, 2012; Jin Hee Jang, 2011; Hyoung-Soon Choi, 2009) also looked into the specific colors related the basic taste of the food. But these studies only focuses on the taste of solid foods and solid color(single color). To complement most of the study for taste is based on solid colors, Each of the seven colors (R, YR, Y, G, B, P, PR) by varying the concentration of 5 steps a total of 35 liquid samples were tinted. All 35 samples was asked to estimate the taste adjectives in a 5 scale. The results of the survey show that for 'neat taste’, ‘muddy taste’, ‘thick flavor’, ‘refreshing’ ‘astringent taste’, ‘the taste you want to drink' concentration plays an important role. Also there is a particular hue for ‘sweet and sour taste’, ’sour taste’, ‘sweet taste’, ‘cool taste’. For more information, as follows: ‘sweet and sour taste’ and ’sour taste’ are for Y hue, ‘sweet taste’ is for RP hue, 'cool taste' is for B, G hue. Concentrate related ‘refreshing' and ’neat taste’ are for cool hues while ‘thick flavor’ is for warm hue and ‘astringent taste’ is for YR hue. there was no relation with ‘bitter’, ‘salty’, and ‘spicy’ to all hue and concentration. Finally, ‘the feeling you want to drink' increases for lower concentration and for RP, R, and YR hue samples. This study is useful for extending food color to drinks with additional taste adjectives of refreshing, temperature and concentration.


concentration, color, drink color, taste adjectives, liquid color, the intensity of the taste


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