A car has become a consumable and must-have item, not just as a means of transportation for simple movement due to the change of the times and improvement in a technological level. In addition, in accordance with the paradigm shift in a car from a simple means of transportation to life space, the aspect of changes in a limited space of a car interior has become more diverse and particularized. Accordingly, it’s necessary for interior color design as a concept of the space, which people get on, to make a design-based approach not only for stability, convenience, rationality, and functionality but also for the direction of recently demanded differentiation and high-end feel. Accordingly, this study made a survey on the present status of the interior color design of domestic and foreign cars, and evaluated the emotion felt by users. For this purpose, this study selected 11 domestic and foreign vehicles, which have been recently released, as the object for evaluation, and grasped the characteristic of the present situation of application of the skin for finishing and conducted emotional image evaluation targeting the crash pad part and door trim part among the car interior components. As a result of surveying the color characteristic of interior skin, it was analyzed that there existed the colorants of R․YR․Y․GY․B․PB․P․RP according to sorts of skin, showing a wide realm of distribution, but in case of value and chroma, they showed a limited scope of distribution. The evaluation results of emotional image indicated that the image was classified as a total of 5 factor axes while showing a total of 63.941% explanation, thereupon, this study selected the representative image in Factor Ⅰ as the vocabulary of 「Refined」 with the 13.151% contribution ratio while selecting the representative image in Factor Ⅱ as the vocabulary「high-end-dignified」with the 13.959% contribution ratio. In addition, this study selected the representative image in Factor Ⅲ as the vocabulary 「Classic」with the 13.536 % contribution ratio while selecting the representative image in Factor IV as the vocabulary「Bright」with the 11.318% contribution ratio. Lastly, this study selected the representative image in Factor V as the vocabulary「Natural」 whose contribution ratio was evaluated as 10.977%.


Automobile interior, Color design, Sensibility, Reliability Analysis, Factor analysis


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