The purpose of this study was to analyze the Farmers' educational needs for rural and farming education provided by Agricultural Extension Agencies in Korea. The questionnaire was consisted of nine parts, and the answers of five hundred seventy five were used in the study. The SPSS program was used to analyze the data. ANOVA and t-test for statistical interpretation were employed to analyze the data with a statistical significance. The major research results on Farmers' needs were summarized as follows. First, the needs were highly represented at farming development, newly developed technologies and seeds, farm management and machine operations, marketings, storage and package, new ag-informations, and raising livestock. Second, the needs were differently represented according to the characteristics of gender, age, life status, farming items, farming size, information level, management level and committed on farming association. Third, explaining easily placed first in farmers' preference of instructors, treating farmers frankly and understanding those difficulties of their farming and rural lives came second, followed by explaining important contents quickly and listening to farmers' opinions in a comfortable atmosphere. Based on the results, agricultural extension service should react to the farmers' needs right away and identify their needs frequently to improve extension program effectiveness. Agricultural extension program should be developed and invested in for urban agricultural product consumers, older farmers, and people who care about health and nursery.


farmers' educational needs, Korean Extension Services, agricultural extension agency.


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