The purpose of this study is to investigate existing world economic science theories and concepts of sustainable development as well as create original system of criteria and indicators to assess potential and conditions for sustainable development from a regional perspective and based on the above justify proposals for public authorities to improve methods of economic regulation for regional development. To achieve the goal evolution process of existing theories and concepts of sustainable development and “green growth” have been studied in terms of its adaptation to the spatial development of Kazakhstan, comparative dynamics of natural resources consumption in the Asia-Pacific region and Kazakhstan were investigated as well. Methodology. World best theory and practice methods for assessment of the level of sustainable development of the country and some of its territories were also studied. We selected the best system of criteria and indicators for assessment of economic, social and environmental sustainability of regional systems. Methods offered in this article are based on traditional and new factors of economic development and conditions for operation of regional systems. Indicators are chosen with a glance to basic goals for future development of regions in Kazakhstan. It is recommended to use two levels of methodology offered by author, namely national and regional, and at the local level later (districts, municipalities, cities). The results. Method offered by the author has been tested based on materials and statistics of regions in Kazakhstan. Suitability and usability of the proposed system of criteria and indicators for measuring of economic, social and environmental sustainability of regional systems was proved. Based on this analysis it was found out that there are regions in Kazakhstan that differ from each other by most of key indicators of sustainable regional development and this tendency is increasing. Conclusions and recommendations. As a result of this analysis, the authors have substantiated a number of proposals on methods of analysis to be used, improvement of methods of regional development, implementation of institutional reforms, as well as improvement of regional statistics. This article provides recommendations that can be successfully used in the management practices by public authorities to implement a new regional strategy focused on sustainable development in future.


Sustainable Development, Region, Economic Regulation Methods, Regional Strategies, Factors of Economy


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