The social and economic development has caused changing of preference of drinking customers. Accordingly, the brand competition of liquor market has led to the growth of marketing skills and commercials in their field. The diversification and high-end pattern of consumption has influenced selection of consumer in liquor filed. This trend was accelerated by new consumer such as the young adult and the women who have values of enjoying drinking. In this liquor market, the change of drinking culture and style will generate various trial through commercials. Also, the role of commercials will become more important compared to the past. In this study, we analyzed images of liquor commercials faced with the market changing. As a result of classifying and analyzing the commercial images of many So-ju brands, this study was proved that people prefer the commercial which focused to combine type both a brand and model than the commercial of emphasizing a female model for an emotional type. Also, in the case of the commercial highlighted just model images, people prefer female models than male models and the images of pure and clean were preferred than type of sex appeal. On the other hand, when advertisement images present to other subject matters such as ingredients, brands and products of liquor, people preferred commercials that mix products with models to that present ingredients and brands for liquor. This conclusion corresponds with the fact that people like mixed appeal in the effects of appeal types. Based on this study, it is expected that it brings the positive effect for liquor advertisement images suggesting how to express effectively, further more directions for proper liquor commercial marketing skills.


Liquor advertisement, Soju Poster, Soju advertising Image


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