Along with economic development, the service industry is growing as days go by. Therefore, companies should maximize customer satisfaction through continuous changes by providing services which are suitable for customer needs. The general service industry has a decisive effect on the rate of growth and profitability of a superior business. Therefore, many companies try to provide the best customer service to increase profitability. Because service to a customer is delivered through interactions with the employee, the employee's attitude has a strong influence on the customer's satisfaction level. For these, most service industries are required to provide new types of labor. It is often referred to ‘Emotional Labor’, and that is different from physical and mental labor. Service providers always provide a service for the customers with a smile, even though they conceal their emotions. The Purpose of this study is to identify theologically the fact of that Sales Workers at Department Stores emotional labor, according to the economization of service, has become to decide the predominance of competition among companies and represents the quality of service ; to confirm that their emotion management is a crucial part of the work; to identify the correlation among job stress and job satisfaction which are experienced in the process of performing display rules required by organization. To practice them, this study deals with the theological consideration of the emotional labor, job stress and job satisfaction. This study proceeded to evaluate how the emotional labor of sales workers at department stores effected on their job stress and satisfaction. The result of this study will be summarized below. First of all, the frequency of emotional display and attentiveness required to display emotions both have a similar effect on the level of job stress. In the case of the emotional dissonance, there isn't a great amount of proof that it effects the job stress. That shows us that the aspect of the latter, they express the feelings on their daily lives less than the former by the public awareness and gaze. so, once they could accept the latter, the effect on the job stress would be vanished. Second, a study was performed to figure out the effect of emotional labor on job stress. As a result, none of them make negative effects on the job satisfaction but the attentiveness to required display rules even have positive effects on it. that means the emotional labor has an indirect effect on the job satisfaction through some intermediation stuff. Third, the role conflict of job stress factors has a negative effect on job satisfaction, Although role ambiguity has a negative effect on that as well, I couldn't find appropriate proof for that. As far as I figured out, job stress can only increase job dissatisfaction. In other hands, the sales workers would have tendencies to have more motivation to work hard rather than reveal their job stress and complain about work. Finally, emotional laborers always work close to job stress. This can maximize service for the customers, but it increases stress of the laborers providing services at the same time. Then, they can not provide high quality service. It is no doubt that we need to begin managing it systematically. In conclusion, the work satisfaction of the sales workers is connected to the service quality for the customers directly.


Emotional Labor, Job Stress, Job Satisfaction, Department Stores


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