This study examined the origin, the formation and the changes of Daegeum Sanjo, analyzed the Daegeum Sanjos by Jong-gi Part, who is known to be the founder of Daegeum Sanjo, and Joo-hwan Hahn, an apprentice of Park, and tried to find the directions for applying Sanjo to the contemporary life, in a modern fashion. Daegeum Sanjo, played initially by Jong-gi Park, came to form schools of various branches with the passage of time. The Sanjos of those various schools are incorporating many tunes of mutual resemblance in spite of the slight disagreements in form, though it is not well known when and from whom those similar tunes were originated. Each school is playing its tune which had been being handed down in that way as if it had been a tune peculiar to them exclusively. And 'Daegum Sanjo Hahnbahtahng' in the record by Seong-gi Yoo was found and played as a reproduction, that it came to be verified that the existing Sanjos show a little difference in form, but much resemblance in tune, to the Sanjo tune by Jong-gi Park. This paper listened to, wrote in musical notes and analyzed the whole body of the Sanjos of Jong-gi Park and Joo-hwan Hahn for giving light to their musical characteristics, being based on the life stories of both and the musical data which were found. It has been clarified, as a consequence, that the Sanjo by Jong-gi Park practically gave a significant effect on various schools including the Joo-hwan Hahn Sanjo, and Hahn, who was of strong musical talents, inherited Park's Sorideoneum Daegeum Sanjo and made the present type of Daegeum Sanjo take root. As to the possibility of applying Sanjo in a modern fashion, the reason that the Sanjos of the present day are being led to the loss of impromptuness and vocal sound was looked for. The developmental stages of Sanjos were also examined, and the impromptuness, the vital power of Sanjos, and various application plans for finding the new directions were discussed. The reason of the loss of impromptuness, the peculiar characteristic of Sanjo is seen to be the standardization and the verticality and rigidity in various schools. Sanjos' positing itself as an important mode of music today is made possible by various changes in playing style, and a few programs for the further sublimation of many pioneering masters of Sanjo were regarded accordingly.


Daegeum Sanjo, schools, Jong-gi Park, Joo-hwan Hahn, tune, Sorideoneum, impromptuness, standardization, applying Sanjo in a modern fashion


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