This study was conducted to identify the appropriate and necessary conditions for a speech pathology certification system in a department of speech therapy by collecting and analyzing data from relevant graduate schools, undergraduate schools and colleges through which speech pathologists are trained and reviewing treatment examples in other countries, while focusing on data from domestic departments of speech therapy and the educational environment. The research was carried out by first examining the actual educational situation including educational facilities and equipment, student evaluation systems, and information on relevant professors, and then, by suggesting the conditions for the most appropriate evaluation on the educational environment to cultivate outstanding speech pathologists. Research subjects were 23 schools in total, which granted our request for data on the educational environment for 2007. Regarding educational facilities and equipment, universities which had undergraduate schools and graduate schools were equipped with clinical laboratories and experimental laboratories, while universities which had only graduate schools rarely had clinical and experimental laboratories. Universities also differed in the condition of their experimental and practice equipment; the equipment they had was mostly instruments for voice analysis. Regarding the evaluation of students, universities which had relevant departments maintained 90% or higher rate in the recruitment and enrollment rate. Regarding the passing rate for the relevant qualification examination, around 40% was the prevailing percentage. Also, the employment rate for graduates from the relevant departments was 80% or higher, and thus, it can be said that most of the graduates can be employed in relevant occupations. Regarding professors, the number of full-time speech pathology professors was somewhat small. In fact, five universities with colleges and graduate schools, had no full-time professors who majored in speech language pathology. Finally, in respect of suggesting the conditions for the appropriate evaluation system on the educational environment, we would like to suggest the evaluation percentage to be 30% for educational facilities and equipment, 30% for student evaluation, and 40% for professor evaluation.


Speech pathology, department certification system, education environment, situation survey


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