After the late 20th century, as people's spare time increased and casual dressing have become more popular and trendier, knitwear has become a part of daily life, not just sports wear. To meet these increasing demands of the market, domestic and foreign companies have started producing more knitwear, replacing the more common fabric with knitwear. Thus, the purpose of this study lies within the necessity of the investigation of the composition and the manufacturing techniques of knitwear. The scope of this research is the basic items such as knit top, tights, and knit pants. Based on these items, we will look at the techniques to handle knit materials and examine plane composition, three-dimensional composition and the manufacturing techniques. In conclusion, the size and elasticity of knitwear depends on ball point needles and stretch needles, and the original textile. The the pattern of knitwear is designed smaller than human body, and it is draped by pulling and using darts. While it is being made, fixed stitches are also used to prevent the fabric being pulled too much, after fitting and modifying process, it is sewed.


knitwear, flat pattern, draping, production technique


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