The aim of this thesis is to consider personal and academic companionship between MyeongJae YoonJeung and DeokChon YangDeukJoong. MyeongJae YoonJeung had very wide relationships with mentors, followers and friends and produced many of his followers. As well as he studied as a follower under three famous masters like YooKye, SongJoonGil, and SongShiYol, he companioned widely and deeply with noted savants like ParkSeDang, ParkSeCha, and MinYiSeung. The characteristic of his academic theory is synthetic because every other theory was mixed together in his. It seems to be relatedwith his wide and deep human relations during his entire life. Especially, there was a person with whom MyeongJae companioned deeply, that is DeokChon YangDeukJoong. DeokChon, who became MyeongJae’s disciple at his age 40, was a main follower of MyeongJae. MyeongJae really esteemed DeokChon and led him the realm of his truthful learning, and DeokChon also served MyeongJae sincerely and contemplated the scholarship hard. The companionship between them was very admirable and realistic. Moreover, their worthy companionship remains until now as it was before.


MyeongJae, YoonJeung, DeokChon, YangDeukJoong, sincerity


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