In today's digital era, there have ben rapid changes in the form and use of the styles of type. The advance in the production technology of this field makes it much easier to develop new styles of type, and the development of typefaces for particular businesses, urban comunities or organizations is booming now. As for requirements in the desirable dedicated font with facing the substantialy digital era, firstly, given seeing from the aspect in a role of the traditional dedicated font, the dedicated font needs to have image that can well speak for identity in the representative enterprise or group. Secondly, misuse needs to be prevented by forming font-family in line with a use of the group, rightly applying and managing. Thirdly, the design suitable for a use and tool in comunication neds to be developed. Stil, it is said that there is necessity of wel grasping characteristics or restrictions in light of expressing especialy digital tols, which have not ben noted much so far. The position as a main comunication tol, which is already possessed by digital device, shouldn't be neglected. And, the atention wil ned to be paid even to harmony betwen the dedicated font for the digital media and the dedicated font for the existing sign or the printing media. As corporations and brands pay growing atention to their dedicated font, the identification function of the styles of type is increasingly highlighted. The purpose of this study was to delve into the aspects of the development of dedicated font and the conditions of digital fonts required by the present days.


font design, typeface, digital era, identity


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