The Experience of Social Workers in Adoptive Practice Ji-sung Kwon Jin-sook Kim Chung-ho Chung The purpose of this study is to understand the experience of social workers in their adoptive practice and to present a guideline as to how to improve the adoptive process. For this purpose, we conducted in-depth interviews with seven social workers, who work with adoptive agencies, and applied the case study method to analyze the data obtained from the interviews. The main findings are as follows: First, adoptive practice has been formed in macro context of the Korean culture involving adoption, and is affected by policies and regulations established thereon, and is translated into practice by adoptive institutes or agencies. The participants in this study understand well about the environment of and at the same time, the recent changes in the adoptive practice. In particular, the participants agreed on the policy to increase local adoption in Korea and open adoption, but were doubtful of some part of the government policies. Second, we studied the meaning of the practice in itself, the identity of social workers, and the meaning of their experiences in doing their practices. Based on the findings, we suggest that integration of adoption agencies, enhancement of education program for adoptive workers, and publication of practice manuals are required. In addition, we addressed what studies will be necessary to develop our study going forward. Keywords: adoption, adoptive social worker, practical experience, qualitative case study


adoption, adoptive social worker, practical experience, qualitative case study


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