of its corresponding patent. The result of thecomparison was represented as one of two relationships: true and unknown. Although a false relationship may exist, we cannot determine whether a relationship is a real false or not. Therefore, we considered all the relationships except true as unknown. The following two gene examples show how to determine the relationship. The first example is FCER1A, Fc fragment of IgE, which was associated with two patents in the gene-patent map: 10197000621 and 1019890701432 and whose titles are Fusion polypeptides and DNA encoding IgE receptor alpha-subunit or fragment thereof, respec-tively. In such cases, one patent titles contain FCER1A-related terms, while the other title, Fusion polypeptides, does not show its relatedness to FCER1A. For the next step, we acquired the abstract of 1019997000621 from the Ko-rean Institute of Patent Information (KIPRIS) web server 274 Analysis of Korean Patented Biological Sequences .